Looking for a home-based job?

Operadorchat offers you the chance of earning your pay from home.

With the highest earnings you'll find! Up to 27 cents per message!

How does it work?

You're looking for extra payments? Or a full-time job? Are you imaginative? Open minded and creative? then this job is specially designed for you!.

We can offer you the chance of working as a chat operator, where you will answer the messages and decide your schedule.


Our Operator's Experience


"I've been working as an operator for a year and a half and the truth is i get the comfort of working as much as i want and receive fast payments weekly makes me happy with my job. I hope to continue it for next years."

- Anna


"I've been working for Operadorchat.com for a time now, and it's great to log in freely, you always have work to do! Also my personal tutor helps me improve with the tips he gives me. The pay is great and i enjoy working with this company."

- Peter


"I think i have found my place as an operator. Other home-based jobs i used to do didn't pay as much but working here is like heaven. I have a nice monthly payment with that i can live and manage my lifestyle."

- Linda

What can you expect?

We provide you a personal tutor You can contact him through his personal Skype or email to ask him any questions
Exclusive web allows you to log in without any downloads User-intuitive easy usage system
We can pay from 16 up to 27 cents per processed message Highest payment in it's division
Weekly payment bill You can deliver this income to the tax authorities if necessary
We're a trustworthy company We work with most payment methods

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General arrangements

The payment rates we offer are the following

Start 16 cents per message
From 300+ weekly 17 cents per message
From 400+ weekly 18 cents per message
From 500+ weekly 19 cents per message
From 600+ weekly 20 cents per message
From 700+ weekly 21 cents per message
From 800+ weekly 22 cents per message
From 900+ weekly 23 cents per message
From 1000+ weekly 24 cents per message
From 1100+ weekly 25 cents per message
From 1200+ weekly 26 cents per message
From 1300+ weekly 27 cents per message


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